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Forbes recently published an article titled “What, Exactly, Is Business Development?” (March 21, 2012) that sited an excellent definition of Business Development… “Business development is the creation of long-term value for an organization from customers, markets, and relationships.”  This is exactly what Hendon Group does for our business development clients.

Hendon Group, Inc.  helps organizations create long term value from their customers, business partners, markets and relationships by integrating the following key success factors into our solutions:

Deep and lasting relationships

We help our clients develop deep and lasting relationships by working with our clients to understand their current business issues and challenges…

  1. What process and behavior changes are required to help strengthen the relationships with your current customers, and
  2. What process and behavior changes are required to develop deep and lasting relationships with new customers

Generate lasting revenue streams (not get rich quick schemes)

We strongly believe get rich quick schemes are detrimental to generating trust.  Lack of trust and respect erodes an organization’s ability to develop strong, positive relationships and create long, lasting revenue streams with their customers.  We have developed a business model that focuses on goal attainment and on-going reinforcement to ensure incremental growth and sustainable long term positive results.

Sound business development processes

Many organizations rely on heroics to grow their business instead of using solid business development processes.  We believe our business development team  these processes helps organizations achieve consistent and repeatable results.  We use proven business strategies and industry “best practices” as part of our overall solution to help our clients grow their business.

Improve business development teams effectiveness

Hendon Group works with your business development team to enhance the appropriate skills, behaviors and competencies necessary to instill confidence and improve sales performance.  We believe if your business development team cannot execute these processes effectively, business development results could be sub-optimized.

Other considerations

In addition to helping our clients improve their business development processes.  We believe if our client’s business development team cannot execute these processes, our client’s business performance could be sub-optimized.

Our goal is to help our clients improve their business development activities by helping our clients establish deep and lasting relationships with their clients and leveraging industry best practices.  A win-win for our client’s clients resulting in a win-win for our clients.

Hendon Group, Inc. CEO Ira M. Hendon, MBA, PMP®, CSM®  is an expert in business development, program leadership  and protecting client’s intellectual property.  For a no-risk consultation and to learn how Hendon Group can specifically help your organization’s business development challenges, please complete the form on this page and someone will contact you within the next business day.

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