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Hendon Group Managed Services

Our Managed Services are focused on program and project leadership which allows our clients complete control their program/project leadership resource costs and initiative success.  Whether you need project leaders located around the globe or, want a firm to manage the creation and maintenance of your key project deliverables’… We can scale to meet your organizational needs.  The benefit to your organization…pay to achieve committed scope and service levels.

Our Managed Services

Our Program and Project Leadership Managed Services offering is focused on two (2) objectives:

  1. Provide our clients the skilled program/project leadership resources required to meet their committed program scope.
  2. Meet and exceed our negotiated client Service Level Agreements (SLAs) in order to ensure a successful partnership with our clients.

Hendon Group has led client program and project team members that are any combination of client employees or client contracted resources.

Our core competency is program leadership and we are laser focused on our brand promise: “Better planning.  Better leadership.  Better outcomes.®”; delivering on our commitments and leading with integrity on every client engagement.

Managed Services – Program delivery leadership benefits:

Our Managed Services – Program  delivery leadership services provide our clients several benefits:

  • Client has complete control over program and project leadership costs through Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Ensures focus is on delivering the committed scope
  • Our resources leverage our Proactive PPM (Project Portfolio Management) methodology and tools to drive client success

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