According to the U.S. Department of Transportation American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) website, as of January 31, 2012, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) currently has 12,851 contracts underway resulting in 71,530 direct jobs. Most of these direct jobs are road construction workers. During the June 8, 2010 International Bridge Conference in Pittsburgh, PA presented the following Work Zone Fatalities data. The net, thousands of road construction workers have died from U.S. work zone traffic fatalities.


US Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration work zone fatalities data (2010). Slide authors: Jennifer E. Lincoln and David E. Fosbroke, International Bridge Conference, June 8, 2010, Pittsburgh, PA

About TrafficSAMS™

TrafficSAMS™ (Traffic Safety Arrow Messaging System), a U.S. based company, has recently developed a traffic management solution that can be used to support road construction safety and event management. This new lighter weight, lower cost, smaller footprint and programmable traffic safety arrow messaging system can support a variety of messages and is available to help with road construction safety and crowd management. Below is a picture of the TrafficSAMS™ model TSS1 product.

TrafficSAMS™ product image










The TrafficSAMS™ product has numerous benefits over larger trailer pulled, or truck mounted systems:

  • The TrafficSAMS™ product supports construction barrel, or tripod mount.
  • The TrafficSAMS™ product can be used above, or below ground.
  • Each unit has an AC/DC option as an alternative power source for extended periods below ground.
  • The TrafficSAMS™ product can be programmed remotely and does not require the worker to stand in front of the device to program messages.

TrafficSAMS™ sample messages


TrafficSAMS™ (Traffic Safety Arrow Messaging System) sample messages

To learn more about TrafficSAMS™

To learn more about the TrafficSAMS™ solution, contact the Hendon Group in one of the following ways. E-mail:; Toll free: 866.201.0147; Direct: 847.245.8722, or click on the following link to access the product brochure.

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