Hendon Group Consulting

Hendon Group helps clients through many program leadership consulting services offerings. These offerings consist of:

  • Strategic Initiative Services
  • Business Strategy, Roadmapping, & Implementation Planning
  • Business Development / Procurement Program Support
  • Earned Value Management
  • Risk Management Simulation

Each of these program leadership consulting services offerings leverages our Lights Out Program Management® techniques. These offerings are available on large, or small initiatives.

Strategic Initiative Services

Strategic Initiatives can make or break an organization. Most strategic initiatives are large, complex programs that are difficult to keep on budget and on schedule. Typically, strategic initiatives are not static but rather evolve during the life of the project. Initiatives with remote project teams across multiple continents face even more complex challenges. Unfortunately, Leadership Teams often do not know there is a problem until it is too late to fix it. Such an oversight results in significant cost and/or schedule overruns.

With over 45 man-years of complex initiative experience, Hendon Group delivers expert methodologies to assess, oversee, and recover your organization’s Strategic Initiatives: 

  • Strategic Initiative Assessment

Hendon Group will assess an initiative’s status and outlook to provide insights to the Leadership Team to address systemic issues earlier in an initiative’s lifecycle.  

  • Strategic Initiative Oversight

Hendon Group will provide additional oversight on behalf of the Initiative Sponsor to help mitigate systemic issues and inevitable scope changes earlier, in order to aid the Initiative Team in delivering on time and on budget.

  • Strategic Initiative Recovery

When an initiative is significantly over-budget, and/or behind schedule, Hendon Group will get the initiative back on track and minimize budget and schedule overruns.  

Business Strategy, Roadmapping, & Implementation Planning

Product Roadmaps are used by many large organizations to communicate a high-level overview of a product’s strategy.  The communication is usually made to the Leadership Team and frequently also communicated to the organization and key stakeholders.

Roadmaps can also be used to communicate how an organization plans to implement a strategy.  For example, how Artificial Intelligence will be used over time to improve the Customer or Student experience.

Hendon Group can help your organization develop professional roadmaps to support your business communication needs.  

Business Development / Procurement Program Support

Organizations often require additional program management support on key business development and procurement activities. Hendon Group has successfully assisted Fortune 500 clients in both of these areas. Our clients like our focus on protecting their Intellectual Property during these support activities.

Earned Value Management

Earned Value Management (EVM) provides program leadership information to quickly assess the health of a program’s development, roll-out, or both. EVM can help answer questions like: Is the initiative over budget? When will the initiative be completed? What is the expected program cost when the work is completed?

Risk Management Simulation

Identifying and understanding where the risk points are within a key initiative’s program schedule is critical in order to drive on-time program delivery. Identifying schedule integration points and potential bottlenecks early minimizes the risk of a stall in the program schedule. Program schedule stalls can be very expensive; resource cost is being charged, but no productive work is taking place. Avoiding these nonproductive charges allows the program leadership to have more funds available at the end of the program to allocate to other key initiatives, community give-back, profit, or program team bonuses.


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