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Tips for rolling out strategic initiatives

May 31st, 2013|0 Comments

Tips for rolling out strategic initiatives Organizations overspend millions of dollars and realize significant delays each year rolling out strategic initiatives.  Overspending dollars does not just negatively impact the expense side of the organization's ledger...overspending also diminishes the [...]

Leadership Skills for Project Managers workshop comes to Chicagoland on June 1, 2012

The PMI Chcagoland chapter is hosting a Leadership Skills for Project Managers on June 1st in the greater Chicago area. The workshop will be taught by Dr. James Brown, Ph.D., PE, PMP, CSP. A link to workshop details and registration information is provided.

Are you a candidate for the “Golden Turtle” award?

Are you a candidate for the golden turtle award? One area where I believe all of us are getting a little lazy is returning phone calls and emails.  I have seen an increasing number of individuals, within large organizations, who do not return phone calls or emails unless, of course, they want something from you.  This is a [...]

Tip of the Month – email ettiquette – How to save time

Hints and tips This month's tip is on email etiquette.  Email subject lines should accurately reflect the subject of the email.  In addition, email should not be used as a substitute for picking up the phone.  If not, you are probably wasting others time. Email messages usually start that way, but often a back and forth reply stream [...]

HG P3 Leader Newsletter article – Do you understand what is driving your program performance metrics?

Want to know what is driving your program performance metrics? Program and project metrics are fundamental to understanding if your program/project is achieving its objectives.  Let’s see what we might learn. Starting Point I have seen a number of program metrics being shared, via status reports, without the audience really understanding, or asking probing questions about, the information being shared.  [...]

HG P3 Leader Newsletter – Tip of the Month – March 2011

Hints and tips Communication plans are a great way to provide your program leadership team with current updates on planned communications activities for a program. Whether a large program or a small project, publishing when meetings will occur, when training sessions will take place, or when documents such as status meeting reports will be distributed, communications plans are [...]

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