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How can Hendon Group help your organization increase delivery velocity and/or lower delivery cost?


What we do

We are a full service program delivery leadership firm.  We deliver results through four core offerings:

We believe if we serve our clients better than any other organization in the world…

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Perspective Suppliers

Hendon Group, Inc. is committed to ensuring supplier diversity is integrated into our client engagements, strategic sourcing and procurement processes to generate world class solutions, effectiveness, efficiency, innovation and increased opportunities for first- and second-tier diverse suppliers…

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Career Opportunities

Our program and project leaders are some of the best in the industry as demonstrated by high client satisfaction survey results, repeat bookings and client requested extensions for new and additional initiatives. We are actively looking for program and project leaders in all countries where the United States does business.  If you are interested…

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Why choose Hendon Group

  • We have extensive program and project leadership experience (business and IT).

  • We communicate well across the client’s organization (leadership, business and technical teams).

  • We honor our commitments.

  • We resolve project issues quickly.

  • We are respectful and easy to do business with.

  • We are laser focused on achieving the client’s program implementation goals and objectives.

  • We keep the program sponsor informed and tell the truth about program status (no bad surprises).

  • Simple, “Right the first-time” billing.

  • We protect our client’s Intellectual Property (IP).

  • MBE and Small Business Certified (Chicago MSDC, Illinois BEP, Wisconsin DOA).

Organizations that have benefited from our professional services:


Let’s have a conversation…

Hendon Group would like to add you to our distinguished list of organizations we have helped.

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