Insurance Firm Financial Data Consolidation

Insurance Firm Financial Data Consolidation

  • Industry: Insurance
  • Category: Program Leadership — Business Transformation
  • Start: Jun 2006
  • End: Dec 2006
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The client had a need to consolidate multiple financial data stores into a single financial data warehouse to provide consistent, on-demand, reporting of enterprise financial data.  The data was primarily SAP financial data.  Standardized reports were created with Crystal Reports.  The data warehouse was created to support the entire enterprise of about 39,000 employees.

Our Role

Our role was to project lead multiple workstreams around the enterprise data warehouse consolidation initiative.  We confirmed the business case for each workstream.  In some cases, we recommended abandoning some workstreams for lack of a solid business case and those workstreams where the data store had an upcoming technology change planned.  The client agreed.  We also drove data warehouse software upgrades, analysis, planning, consolidation, testing, performance tuning, and deployment efforts. The engagement was approximately seven-months in duration. 

Client Benefit

The benefit the client received from this initiative was the implementation of a single, one-stop environment for all enterprise financial data, on-demand financial data queries, and reports.  The initiative was extremely successful for the client.