Quality Metrics Report Development with PowerBI

Quality Metrics Report Development with PowerBI

  • Industry: Insurance
  • Category: Program Leadership – Business Intelligence and AI
  • Start: Feb 2019
  • End: May 2019


Program Led the data preparation and development of multiple PowerBI reports to support Client Quality Metrics reporting.

Our Role

Our role was to program lead the PowerBI reports development effort of approximately 20 claims processing quality metric reports for approximately 5,000 end-users and their leadership team.  These reports were created and published using Microsoft’s Power BI tool.

The project team was a combination of client employees and third-party vendors.  The client provided Business Analysis resources.  The third-party vendors provided Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) technical developers to prepare the data for PowerBI reporting.  For one of the dashboards, we used a Third-Party vendor for Python development to perform some analysis and machine learning.  The final Third-party vendor provided the actual PowerBI report development resources.  Testing was performed by client power end users.  The engagement was approximately seven-months in duration. 

Client Benefit

The client received multiple benefits from this initiative: 1) Consistent, timely, on-demand quality metrics reporting to whoever needs the information; 2) Data insights on how well, or poorly claims are being processed for their clients and; 3) Industry recognition for one of the leading edge reporting applications.  Additional PowerBI reporting opportunities are being evaluated by the client leadership team.