$1 Billion Business Transformation

$1 Billion Business Transformation

  • Industry: Insurance
  • Category: Business Re-engineering — Release Management
  • Start: May 2010
  • End: Dec 2010


Provided program leadership for the IT Architecture team on a $1 Billion business transformation customer-facing initiative with significant business process, organizational change, systems integration, and data migration components.

Our Role

Our role was to provide program leadership for the IT Architecture team on a large business transformation customer-facing initiative.  The initiative required multiple architecture support and leadership to address Enterprise, Data, Network, End User Interface, and Security architectures.  The architecture planning and leadership for this engagement was approximately seven-months in duration. 

Client Benefit

The client received two primary benefits from this initiative: 1) Consistent and comprehensive architecture for their business transformation initiative; 2) Avoidance of the project development teams stalling because of an incomplete architecture.  The client was very satisfied with the resulting architecture and engagement.