Proposal Development for Security Guard Firm

Proposal Development for Security Guard Firm

  • Industry: Security and Protection
  • Category: Business Process & Proposal Development
  • Start: May 2020
  • End: Sept 2020


The client had a need to supplement their existing staff to respond to multiple large RFP opportunities within a short response window.  Multiple high-quality proposals were produced and submitted on time.  As a result of our Services and per the President of the client, our client was awarded contracts they would not have otherwise won.

Our Role

Our role was to program lead the RFP proposal response effort for multiple large State, Municipal, and private bid opportunities.  Five RFP responses were prepared and submitted.  The project team was a combination of client employees and third-party vendors.  The client provided Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).  The third-party vendors provided additional capabilities for the multi-location proposals.  We organized and led their team through the proposal planning, proposal development, quality assurance, and packaging processes.  All proposal development work and team communications were performed using Microsoft (MS) tools including MS Teams.  The engagement was approximately four-months in duration.  Due to the Covid-19 challenges, the RFP response decision-making process has taken longer to evaluate our submitted RFP responses and contracts have not yet been awarded. 

Client Benefit

The client is waiting to hear from the RFP decision-making teams.