Strategy Development & Implementation

Strategy Development & Implementation

  • Industry: Medical Devices
  • Category: Business Agility & Strategy Implementation
  • Start: May 2019
  • End: May 2020


As a result of a recent acquisition, our Fortune 500 client had a need to develop a new, integrated business strategy for one of their business units.  Our firm assisted the client leadership team with the development of this new business strategy.  Upon development of the strategy, our firm was asked to lead the development of multiple materials to support the execution of that strategy.

Our Role

Our Fortune 500 client recently acquired a new business.  As a result, our client VP (Sponsor) asked our firm to assist with the development of a new, integrated business strategy and the implementation of that strategy for their business unit.  We assisted with the strategy development for their business unit and led the development of nine (9) deliverables to support the implementation of the new strategy.

The engagement was approximately twelve-months in duration. 

Client Benefit

The primary benefits received by the client was a new integrated business strategy for the recently acquired business, the successful communication of that strategy to their Corporate leadership and their Division’s personnel (e.g., marketing, sales, supply chain, legal, HR, regulatory, quality, operations, etc.) The client also received an additional benefit from the engagement: simplified business processes, and tools to execute, monitor, and control their successful execution of the new strategy.  The client was very satisfied with the services our firm provided their organization.