A Memorial Day Thank You

May 27th, 2012|0 Comments

This Memorial Day holiday weekend, Hendon Group, Inc. sends our prayers and thanks to the families whose loved ones made the ultimate sacrifice defending our rights and freedom around the globe. Thank you!

Teams needs to be clear about the desired program outcome and expected results

I will contend that many programs and projects struggle because program and/or project teams do not have a clear picture of the intended program outcome and their role in delivering the desired outcome.  This is especially true with IT projects utilizing new and emerging technologies. This phenomenon has many early warning symptoms.  For example, 1.       Early on in the program, [...]

Tip of the Month – February 2011 – Ask good, probing questions.

Hints and tips Most people who know me know that I try to ask very good questions…probing questions…questions that try and drive out a good understanding of an issue and its root cause so that it can be solved.  So you can imagine my surprise when a manager at one of my client organizations said to me, “Don’t [...]

Prioritizing Discretionary Project Funding

Portfolio Management January is a common time of year for organizations to establish their discretionary financial plan. One of the challenges with this process is determining how much work can get “crammed” into the financial budget. The discretionary budget is never enough to fund all of the desired work. Therefore, organizations need to prioritize. Just like your personal to-do list, [...]

Moving Lessons to Lesson’s Learned

Program/Project Closing Process December is usually a very busy month for wrapping up programs and projects.Many organizations like to close out projects at the end of their fiscal year in order to match up projects and funding. During this period, some organizations conduct project debrief sessions during the project-close process.Some project teams refer these debrief sessions as "lessons-learned" sessions. We [...]

Tip of the Month – December 2010

Hints and tips As a leader in a large organization, how many times have you been frustrated that your development teams appear to be "reinventing the wheel" on development projects because they are not aware that another internal project team created a similar deliverable?The resulting impact to the organization--sub-optimized use of precious corporate dollars. Two suggestions to fix [...]

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