Human Resource Management – Do the Best Resources Want to Be on Your Team?

Human Resource Management – Do the Best Resources Want to Be on Your Team?


The Project Management Institute’s (PMI) A Guide to The Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), Third Addition describes the Human Resource (HR) Management includes “ the processes that organize and manage the project team” (p.199).

Every Program and Project Leader wants the best resources on their program/project. Until the physics of HR changes so that everyone can be everywhere at the same time, the Program and/or Project leader will not get 100% of the resources they want on the initiative. What is the next best thing? From my perspective, it is creating an environment where 1) you develop your resources into the best people and 2) the best people want to be on your team.

Helpful Hints

Recognize your Team – When was the last time you recognized your team and individual team members for a job well done? Many Program and Project Leaders never say “Thank You”. Practice saying “Thank You” to your team members when they deserve thanks! * Reward your Team – Many Program and Project Leaders don’t recognize their team with awards or, mementos for a job well done. As you plan out funding for your program or, project, allocate some funding to recognize and thank your team (during key milestones or, at the end of the initiative). You will be surprised how appreciative your team members are and their desire to be on one of your next programs/projects.


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