Hendon Group logo and brand promise are now registered trademarks

//Hendon Group logo and brand promise are now registered trademarks

Lindenhurst, IL (May 30, 2013) – The U.S. Patent and Trademark office (USPTO) has granted approval to Hendon Group for the use of the registered trademark symbol with the Hendon Group logo and brand promise. The Hendon Group brand promise is “Better planning. Better leadership. Better outcomes.®”

The art work for all of our digital content will be updated within the next thirty days. This digital content includes  our website, LinkedIn company page, and Facebook company page, e-mails, etc.

Hendon Group is a full service portfolio, program and project leadership professional services, consulting, training and coaching services provider. Hendon Group is headquartered in Lindenhurst, Illinois and serves clients across the United States.

Additional information about Hendon Group can be found by contacting Ira M. Hendon, MBA, PMP via e-mail: imh@hendon-group.com, phone: 847.245.8722, or visiting our website hendon-group.com

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